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We consult to Dairy Farmers

Dairy Nutrition & Management Solutions strives to optimize dairy systems to maximize profit in an ethical and environmentally sustainable manner

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Our Services

We recognise our customers as our most valuable asset and strive to build successful relationships. Our key objective is to improve clients’ profitability through planning and achieving desirable outcomes while maintaining animal and environmental welfare. Our business model is based on mutual respect, trust and honesty. We are flexible and can adapt to big or small enterprises. We favour a team approach marked by transparency with clients, their accountants and bankers. The aim is to implement strategies that maximise profit. We do not trade in any products and therefore pride ourselves in totally independent decision making with an unbiased opinion.

The level of consulting and choice of farm system will depend on client needs. A tailor made consulting package will be formulated. This could vary from annual farm planning and financial budgeting with quarterly visits to monthly visits and reporting. Each visit is followed by a detailed written report suitable for financial institutions.

Farm System Analysis

Farm System Analysis is important in turning information into financial intelligence. The emphasis here is on cows and grass analysis, home grown feed calculations, key farm efficiency indicators and financial analysis.

Farm System Planning

The purpose of Farm System Planning is to optimise the farm system. Annual farm planning involves determining optimum stocking rate, feed budgets and appropriate level of supplementary feeding. Pasture management with a customized spring rotation planner and autumn management plan is important. Winter feed budgets, diets and area for crops are also calculated.

Financial Budgets

Transforming the farm plans into annual financial budgets is an important function. Developing full business plans are further enhancements to our services. This information can be used successfully to report to financial institutions.

Nutritional Services

We pride ourselves in expert nutritional services. Through effective pasture management, transition diets to prevent metabolic problems, ration balancing and cost effective supplementation, we can improve animal health and reproductive performance. We have over 25 years experience in hybrid systems including housed cows.

Farm Visits / Reporting

We favour a hands-on consulting service with on-farm visits to monitor results. Emphasis is on observing cow signals and milk data, body condition scoring and adjusting management decisions. Monitoring financials are included where needed. All visits are followed by a comprehensive report which is often used to update financial institutions.

Nutrient Budgets

Using Overseer to manage nutrient budgets is becoming essential. Consideration needs to be given to system changes to meet environmental requirements. Mitigating practices like changing stocking rates, level of concentrate feeding and housing alternatives, can be considered.

Corporate Support & Training

DNMS provides training and support tailored to the client’s specific requirements. This can include modules like; understanding nutrition, maximising pasture utilisation, profitable use of supplements, understanding local research and optimising the farm system in order to maximise profit. The technical level of training is adapted to the level of the staff making it easy to understand. DNMS can also assist field staff with farm visits and problem solving.

Our Philosophy

– Dairying is a business and profit is the driver

– Production must be ethical and sustainable

– Home grown feed should form the basis of the cow’s diet

– Dairy cows need to be fed a balanced diet to meet their needs

– Supplements can increase efficiency and profit

– DNMS helps farmers optimise their preferred system

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About Us

Dairy Nutrition & Management Solutions was established in 2013 by Howard de Klerk. Howard is a specialist nutritionist and dairy consultant with 30 years international and local experience. This includes a range from local low-input grass-based systems to high input TMR housed systems. Howard is highly experienced in formulating cost effective diets and observing cow signals with many years overseas and local experience in this area. He focuses on improving profitability rather than being production driven. He is a member of NZARN and also registered as a nutritionist overseas. Howard is passionate about the dairy industry and committed to deliver exceptional service to all customers.

Decision making at Dairy Nutrition & Management Solutions is underpinned by Howard’s strong scientific background, well developed analytical skills and solid financial understanding. All farm plans are financially modelled to find the economics sweet-spot where profit is maximised. He is dedicated to share his knowledge and experience with his clients and to set achievable goals with repeatable successful financial results.

Howard de Klerk

BSc (Agric) Hons MSc Pr.Sci.Nat

Member of NZARN

To discuss your situation and requirements, please feel free to contact us:

Mobile: 021 246 1016

Email: [email protected]

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